Are you 16 or over?
Would you like to use French for your job?

Get your skills certified and put them to use in the professional field!

Why getting  your French skills certified?

Why study French and add value to your Curriculum? 

Certification as an added value

Why getting your skills certified?

Commercial and cultural structures wishing to take part to the network must ensure the presence of a professional operator who is able to interact in French and who has passed/renewed for less than 5 years a Certificate of Professional and Cultural Linguistic Competences.

For non-native French speakers, one of the following diplomas is required at or above A2 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages:
– the DFP: Diplôme de Français Professionnel from the CCIP Paris Chamber of Commerce;
– the DELF/ DALF from France Education International.

French Native professionals and certified professionals employed in a commercial or cultural accommodation establishment allows the hiring establishments to apply for and be granted the label and thus join the Ici on parle français network of establishments recognized as Francophone, be published on the map of competent places, display the window sticker in their structure, and enjoy all the benefits reserved for them.

French native and Certified professionals can also request to be placed on the mailing list of professionals who wish to receive job offers from establishments that wish to apply for/maintain their place in the network.

Why study French and add value to your Curriculum?

Professionals, future professionals, or students over the age of 16 who wish to learn French to enrich their skills and Curriculum Vitae to be more attractive on the local professional job market can follow a professional-type language training course.

You can then carry out a Language Certificate in Professional and Cultural French and make it value it within your professional environment.

Certification as an added value

If you have carried out a French diploma (DFP, DELF…) you can contact us to be added to the list of qualified professionals who will have access to job offers posted by shopkeepers interested in joining the network.

During a job interview with an employer who is not part of the “Ici on parle français” network, you can point out the added value of your recognized certification*: hiring you allows the establishment to join the network and, thus, to be included and valued :

 – in the online, updated, and interactive map with geolocation of places and establishments. The map is freely available to all, and thus also to French-speaking visitors.

– through a window sticker to be displayed to the public. The sticker includes the brand logo, the QR code that allows French speaking visitors direct access to the map and, where possible, the official partner logos;

– by making use of the brand logo in its own information and advertising activities;

– by promoting the initiative on partner sites, like the pilot project of Padua suggest merging the Alliance Française of the City with, the City Town hall  and the Chamber of Commerce.

It also allows to:

raise awareness of the professional services offered to increase its visibility internationally among visitors and other francophone professionals from around the world;

– be recognized locally and internationally as actors in welcoming, including, and promoting local heritage through the French language;

– have the professional and cultural language skills of certified employees and professionals recognized;

– take advantage of other benefits developed under the project as they are activated, such as a job posting service at French-language certified professionals…

*examples of recognized certifications:

  • a Diploma in Professional French (DFP) from the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry of a level equal to or above level A2 of the CEFR;
  • a DELF from France Education International, of a level equal to or above level A2 of the CEFR, so also a DALF is possible;
  • in Italy, the Esabac that is about B2 level.