The network Ici on parle français

allows French-speaking people:

  • to know that you are able to offer services and to promote local heritage in French;
  • to choose the services you are offering in their own language.

Who can join the network?

Why shall you join the network?

How to join the Network?

Benefits of the Network members

Who can join the network?

Commercial places where at least one professional works in contact with the public, and may be in contact with French-speaking visitors and/or customers.

The Ici on parle français network concerns several specific professional areas such as, but not limited to:

  • sales, in sales facilities open to the public such as stores, and boutiques;
  • the HORECA, in hospitality facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bars and similar;
  • culture and tourism in cultural facilities such as museums, libraries, convention centers, tourist companies;
  • services, such as those related to the transportation of people (cabs…), or aesthetics (hairdressers, spas…).

Why shall you join the network? 

The purpose of the Ici on parle français certification mark is to enhance the value of places and shopkeepers that can welcome French-speaking visitors with a quality professional and cultural service in French. It makes it possible to offer French-speaking visitors a service that develops their well-being and stimulates in them the desire to:

  • take advantage of the goods and services available to them;
  • linger longer in the area and return;
  • promote to other possible French-speaking visitors the quality of services and hospitality, as well as the beauty of the heritage.

How to join the Network?

Membership is voluntary.

Commercial and cultural facilities that want to apply for membership in the network have to ensure the presence in their place, during the stated working hours, of at least one licensed worker with an official French Diploma.

Individuals who do not have French as their mother tongue must pass one of the following diplomas obtained at a level of A2 or higher of the European Framework of Reference for Languages:

  • the DFP: Diplôme de Français Professionnel from the CCIP Chamber of Commerce in Paris;
  • the DELF/ DALF from France Education International.

Membership is subject to acceptance of the terms of use and payment of the membership fee (contribution to the operation and updating of services, visibility of the initiative, and brand protection).

In order to join the initiative, shopkeepers can therefore:

  • involve a few employees and/or personally engage in the acquisition and recognition of the required professional language skills with one of the French Diplomas (DFP/DELF);
  • hire one or more employees who have already obtained a DFP/DELF/DALF;
  • to this purpose, it is possible to ask us to raise awareness about the needs of practitioners willing to join the initiative among professionals who already hold a French Diploma.

In the case of the working relationship with the certified professional who was the reason for joining the initiative ends, Ici on parle français can help identify a solution that allows continuity thus allowing the authorized structure to remain in the network of authorized places, with the associated advantages.

The benefits of the Network members

The Mark protects and safeguards structures of the network for the presence and quality of professional and cultural services offered in French to French-speaking visitors: tourists, workers, pilgrims, new citizens…

Entering in the Ici on parle français network allows you to be included and enhanced:

  • in the online interactive map, with geolocation of places and establishments. The map is freely available to everyone, and therefore also to French-speaking visitors. On the map, the user can get other information such as the hours during which the Francophone presence is guaranteed, the website, mention of any benefits that the establishment wishes to offer to Francophone visitors, recognition or membership in other networks or in the register of historic establishments and businesses in Padua, in addition to the name and type of the adhering establishment;
  • through a window sticker to be displayed to the public. The sticker includes the brand logo, the QR code that allows francophone visitors direct access to the map and, if possible, the official partner logos;
  • by making use of the brand logo in its own information and advertising activities;
  • by promoting the initiative on partner sites like: the city of Padua which is the pilot project, the Alliance Française of Padua, the City Town hall and the Chamber of Commerce of Padua.

It also allows to:

  • raise awareness of the professional services offered in order to increase its visibility internationally among visitors and other francophone professionals from around the world;
  • be recognized locally and internationally as actors in welcoming, including, and promoting local heritage through the French language;
  • have language skills of certified employees and experts recognised in the professional and cultural sphere;
  • take advantage of other benefits developed under the project as they are activated, such as a job posting service at French-language certified professionals (DFP, DELF…), creation of an app,…